Complaints Procedure

Care Connections aims to resolve any concerns or complaints should a client or their appointed representative have cause to. We will investigate it rigorously and it will be dealt with by the manager who will try to resolve any issue by discussing the matter first with the service user or person concerned, and then investigation will take place contacting those concerned.

Clients can complain by phone or put a complaint into writing. Verbal complaints should be directed to the Care Manager. Where the manager cannot deal with the issue, they will pass it on to the director of the company.

Where we receive a complaint in writing, we will respond within 7 days, depending on the matter it could take longer due to our investigations with details of our findings, what actions we have taken and proposals to rectify the situation.

Your loved ones deserve the very best.  They deserve to have carers that are not only passionate about their wellbeing, but that are the most qualified professionals in health care and wellness.

Our Carer requirements are higher than others because your loved ones should have the peace of mind that they will receive exceptional care.