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The Importance of Personal Care for the Elderly

Personal Care

Personal care is the key to healthy aging. Those who are concerned can achieve it through hygiene and cleanliness for the young as well as the elderly. In addition, at Care Connections, we treat this subject with great affection, patience, and assertiveness. Thanks to the specialized staff and our personal care services and facilities.

The importance of personal cleanliness and hygiene at Care Connections 

Hygiene is a basic need; that is, it must be satisfied so that the individual can achieve a complete state of bio-psycho-social well-being. One of the most critical personal care is available for those who are keen to acquire personal hygiene.

Definition of hygiene – It is a procedure used in the prevention and preservation of health and includes healthy life habits, such as diets, body postures, exercise, grooming.

Definition of personal hygiene – The hygienic lifestyle is essential for several reasons. Those who are aware of the benefits ensure to keep their health in good condition. It may lead to better well-being and a pleasant appearance, in addition to avoiding the presence of infections.

Aspects of personal care for the elderly

  • Daily cleaning, bath times, skincare, cleaning ears, armpits
  • Hair hygiene: daily attention to hair, hygiene, and appearance
  • Oral hygiene: daily oral cleaning, regular dental check-ups, check-ups of ailments
  • Hands and feet: specific care of nails and other areas of podiatry
  • External appearance: clothing, scent, care of items such as glasses, hearing aids and mobility devices

The measures we take:

At Care Connections, we collaborate and help in the hygiene and personal care tasks of the elderly. Our goal is to maintain your state of physical and mental well-being. For this reason, each time a new resident arrives, we observe and value their psychological and physical, functional, level of tiredness or fatigue, hygiene and bathroom routines, etc. It helps us determine all the measures that nurses and assistants must take with each of them. Moreover, that older person may need help with physical, or cognitive:

  • Valid older person: he/she is autonomous, he/she can go to the bathroom alone, clean himself, get dressed, etc.
  • A semi-assisted older person needs help to go to the bathroom and to clean himself.
  • Assisted elderly person: is in bed/chair/motor difficulties and needs all our help for all activities of daily life.

Carrying out hygiene and personal care of the elderly at home:

  • We dedicate all the necessary time to them, and there is no doubt.
  • We inform the user of the acts to carry out and maintain verbal communication during hygiene.
  • The room temperature is always pleasant, and the light is soft.
  • We prepare in advance all the elements to use.
  • To respect their privacy, we do not leave the user wholly exposed and avoid the presence of people who do not collaborate in hygiene.
  • At first, we help to carry out the tasks of bathing, cleaning, and progressively we involve them, thus developing their independence within the possibilities of each one.
  • We value and analyze the real difficulties that prevent self-care, propose alternatives, and collaborate.
  • In addition, we help them incorporate grooming habits into their daily lives: use of handkerchiefs, frequent hand washing, wear minimal hygiene equipment, take care of their appearance, etc.

At Care Connections, we need to establish the activities that each individual can carry out by himself or herself to maintain adequate hygiene. Thus, it will be the nursing staff and assistants’ responsibility to determine if a person needs help in their cleanliness or hygiene.

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